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Intensive Treatment for Sore, Dry Hands, Heels & Joints 

Pure CBD Balm
Deep Penetrating Relief
500 milligrams of triple verified Veripure™ CBD in a rich balm with deep-penetrating moisturizers to provide soothing relief to sore, dry skin and inflammation on your wrists and handsInflamed elbows and knees… Even calluses, corns and cracked heels. This powerful balm sells in our web store for $39.99 but, as a new customer, you can get it for half price just $19.99. And shipping is FREE.

Deep, Soothing Relief of..

♦ Sore, Dry Hands & Wrists
♦ Inflamed Elbows & Knees 
♦ Corns
♦ Calluses
♦ Cracked Heels

WARNING: Consult your physician before use. CBD may interact with some prescription medications.

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