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Does Pain Make it Hard for You to Relax?

Get Fast-Acting Pain Relief with CBD

We’ve found that many of our customers also suffer from pain which ends up creating even more stress and anxiety Veripure™ is offering half price on our most popular product -eripure™ Fast-Acting Pain Cream with 500mgs of triple verified pure, THC-free CBD.

It's powerful relief of joint and muscle pain that works in just minutes. This cream works so quickly, you just rub it on and the pain is gone.

Veripure™ Fast-Acting Pain Cream sells for $39.99 in our store but you can add it to this order today for half price - that's just $19.99 - and Shipping and Handling is FREE.

Fast-Acting - Works in JUST MINUTES
♦ 500mg Triple Verified PURE CBD
♦ FDA-Listed Active: Max Strength Lidocaine
♦ Lab Tested 3X for Dosage Accuracy
♦ No Medicinal Smell
♦ No Prescription Needed

WARNING: Consult your physician before use. CBD may interact with some prescription medications.

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