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Get Optimum CBD Relief for your WHOLE BODY


Maximize whole body wellness with
Veripure™ Daily Relief CBD Gel Caps.™ 

Each twice-daily gelcap delivers 10 mg of Veripure™ CBD in the morning and again at night to help maintain optimum levels CBD in your system ALL DAY LONG to help support to help support whole body relief and recovery AND ALSO to help support mood, energy, mental focus, even sleep. A one-month supply - that's 60 gelcaps - normally sells for $39.99 but, as a new customer, you can get it for half price just $19.99. And shipping is FREE.

24/7 CBD Support for...

♦ Whole Body Relief & Recovery
♦ Mental Focus
♦ Mood
♦ Energy
♦ Relaxation
♦ Even Sleep

WARNING: Consult your physician before use. CBD may interact with some prescription medications.

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