3 Things to Look for to
Make Sure Your CBD is Legit

How to avoid getting ripped off with bogus or unsafe CBD products

By Veripure Editorial Staff
September 1, 2022

Because the CBD market it not regulated unscrupulous marketers have raced to sell scam or bogus CBD products often at exorbitantly high prices.

In fact, a major study in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that 72% of CBD products sold on-line are are mislabeled with regards to purity and dosage accuracy don't actually contain what they claim on the label.

Some had essentially no CBD at all.  While others contained enough THC to get you "high" or cause you to fail a drug test - even though they were labeled THC-Free.

"If you've tried CBD and it hasn't worked for you, it's very possible that it was mislabeled and didn't contain the amount (of CBD) listed."


How to Avoid Being Ripped Off
with Bogus CBD Products

Since there is no regulatory agency checking these products to make sure that they actually contain what they claim on the label - both the amount of CBD as well as other claims like "Broad Spectrum" or THC-free, it is easy to be misled.

Here are three things to look for to make sure a CBD product is actually what it claims to be...

1. Products that are INDEPENDENTLY lab tested

Many CBD marketers claim that their products are laboratory tested for purity and dosage accuracy but if they're using an in-house lab, you simply cannot trust the results of their test.

Look for a company that has their products tested by independent, 3rd party laboratories that are not affiliated with the company so you can really trust the results. 

2. Products that are tested at the beginning AND the end of the manufacturing process

Lots of companies will tout a Certificate of Authenticity for the raw CBD extract but that doesn't tell you anything about how much of that CBD is actually in the balm, cream, tincture or gummies you're buying. 

Even when CBD sellers have the best intentions, it's not uncommon for them to fall prey to unscrupulous vendors and contractors who swap out the high-quality CBD, that they are provided, with cheap, low-quality CBD oil and then sell the "good stuff" out the back door. 

To be sure you're really getting what it says on the label, CBD products should, ideally be tested, at three stages in the process....

    1. Raw Extract - to make sure is pesticide free, contaminant free and true "broad spectrum" extract including all the powerful terpenes and cannabinoids that can provide the enhanced Entourage Effect.
    2. Finished Formula - each batch of finished formula should be it actually contains the amount of CBD listed on the label.
    3. Finished Product - Samples of the finished product pulled from the line should be tested to be absolutely certain that product you are actually using is 100% pure, safe and effective.

3. A company that Grows AND Processes it's own CBD

There are hundreds of companies across the country that will make a CBD product for a marketer to simply throw their logo on. And since there is no agency monitoring or testing the products to verify they claims on the label, there is nothing stopping them from buying the cheapest, snake-oil level product then making what ever claims they want about how much CBD is in it, what the quality or purity is or even if it's safe.

But a company that invests the millions of dollars that it takes to build a state of the art extraction facility are generally in it for the long haul. They tend to proudly publish their independent laboratory tests and provide the assurances you need to know that the CBD you're buying is pure, safe and actually contains every bit of CBD listed on the label.

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